2092 (2020)

In 1992, artist and activist Zoe Leonard wrote I want a president (a manifesto/poem) in honor of Eileen Myles’ U.S presidencial candidacy, a poor lesbian woman who had been affected by AIDS in the past.
The piece circulated in a viral way, and years later, Zoe brought it back in the form of postcards, which helped to spread it even more.

In 2016, the year when Donald Trump won the U.S elections, I want a president had the same meaning and the same intention that the poem had when it was written initially, so the manifesto was installed in form of a huge mural in New York.
Nowadays the reading of it not only doesn’t sound far away, but also it keeps describing the social and political current panorama.

2092 is a project that makes a call to the reflection about why there is not a clear evolution on our social and political system since I want a president was written.
Malena Hidalgo illustrates the manifesto with drawings of her closest people with the features the poem describes, while situating it on the Spanish panorama.

2092 fuses I want a president’s birth year with the project’s birth year, looking ahead at the possible future where the reading of this manifesto will keep describing our society.